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As 2017 comes to a close, the app market is a crowded one. There are over three million apps available over the various platforms, the big two being the App Store and Google Play, meaning that there’s intense competition between the various developers. Unfortunately, among the big hitters and players, a lot of apps get left in the dust; there’re just too many out there for everyone to be successful. So if you’re a developer with a new app, what can you do to make sure your product is top of the pile?

Well, the first thing you need is a solid app marketing plan. And remember, it’s no use implementing this AFTER your app has been released; it is something to fully consider before your app hits the digital shelves. There’s obviously a lot going on in the build up to an app’s release, and paramount during that process is making sure the thing actually works. But disregarding the marketing plan can spell a quick death for your creation, and while it can be tough to simultaneously work on one while developing your app, it’s something that is ignored at your peril.


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App marketing plans are the lifeblood of successful apps.

Your app marketing plan should constitute a web presence as well as the actual app. It’s important to be visible on as many social media sites as you can before (and during) your app launch, and if you don’t have these existing assets as part of your plan, you should start building and integrating them as soon as possible. Linking up your app with Facebook and Twitter pages not only improves your outreach, but also gives your product legitimacy, an all important tool in a crowded marketplace filled with knock-offs and cheap jobs.

As well as a social media presence, you should also put serious thought in how you want to present your app. The main source of discovery for apps are online app stores, accessed through a smartphone device. The algorithm that both the App Store and Google Play use to search out apps on their respective platforms is based around keywords. Making sure you associate the right keywords with your app is crucial, and yet it’s something that many developers neglect to put serious consideration into. Likewise with your title and visuals; they have to be strong, defining, and attention-grabbing. You only get one try shot at making a first impression, and no matter how good your app is, no matter how detailed and intelligent the work you put into was, it will all be for nothing if you don’t get people hooked by your title and your visuals.


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Once your app is live, you need an app marketing plan ready to roll from Day One.

Once you’re up and running, the show doesn’t stop; don’t neglect the importance of reviews, and with nagging, try and get your satisfied customers and users to leave you reviews. They are statistically the next thing a potential customer looks at after they’ve clicked into your app. There are some great tools out there which will help you boost your ASO (App Store Optimisation), and with the right approach, there’s no reason why your app shouldn’t be sitting pretty on the tip-top of the App Store charts.


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