We’ll deliver all of the quality, targeted users that your app needs…
…just how many is up to you.

User Acquisition

Our User Acquisition services employ a variety of social media campaigns that guarantee a steady flow of users to your app. You decide exactly what type of audience presses the download button.

The best thing about our services is that you are in full control of your budget; you only pay per install, which cancels out any risk and and you can track every dollar that spent, even down to the last cent.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

These are the top two social media platforms for app users and we will run campaigns that encourage users in your key demographic to download your app straight from these platforms.

By optimising ad campaigns and constantly testing which adverts your targeted users are responding to the best, we can ensure that you receive the lowest Cost Per Install (CPI) available. 

Influencer Campaigns

By tapping into our network of social media influencers, we can drive mammoth amounts of traffic towards your app’s download pages and guarantee a highly competitive CPI that will see thousands of users in your target niche install your app.

Our User Acquisition Process

Step 1.

Find your perfect customer profile and target audiences

The first step of the process is to identify your perfect customer profile, which will be done during our initial consultation. Using this information, we will conduct market research to find the top 10 target audiences to market to during the testing phase.

Step 2.

Ad Setup & Split Testing

We will set up and test over 100 different ad variations made up of different ad images and ad copy. This allows us to split-test every possible scenario to see which ads are the most engaging and best-performing across the 10 audiences selected in Step 1. The data from this split-testing will show us exactly which audience and ad combination results in the lowest possible CPI for your type of app.

Step 3.

Daily Ad Optimisation & Tweaking

After the initial ad setup and testing phase, we will start to optimise and tweak the best-performing ads each day to improve their performance even further. The data that we obtain throughout the testing process will reveal incredibly accurate insights into the type of customer that engages with your app. For instance, we may find that females aged 25-30 from New York are much more interested than females from Los Angeles. We also factor in that although certain demographics may result in a lower CPI, their user retention rate may not be as high as another demographic with a slightly higher CPI. As you know, spending slightly more for a higher retention rate is very important, as user retention is king when it comes to mobile apps.

Step 4.

Scaling & Ongoing Monthly Management

Now that we’ve found the perfect demographic with the lowest CPI and the highest user retention rate, it’s time to scale up and maximise user growth for your app. We can spend as little or as much as you like, depending on your budget. If you’re looking for a consistent 50-100 new users per day, that’s easily done. Just launched your app and are looking for thousands of new users within a 30-day period? Not a problem. The sheer size of Facebook & Instagram allows us to scale the campaign to suit your exact requirements!

Our User Acquisition Services Come With

Advanced Targeting

In searching for that perfect user base, we can get as niche as you like; we can target a broad range of users or a very specific focus group who would suit your app ideally. We can tailor the specifications to suit age, location, gender, location, education, hobbies…you name it! 


Due to the sheer size of our Facebook, Instagram and Influencer campaigns, we can scale up to suit your requirements, no matter what your budget. We can conduct testing from as little as $5 per day, all the way up to an unlimited ad spend. Whether you’re looking to acquire a massive amount of new users in the next month for a launch or acquire just 50 new users per day, we can set up the right campaign for you.  

Trackable Results & Weekly Reporting

As we said, down to the last cent. Every dollar is accounted for and you will see exactly where your money is going as well as gaining invaluable insights into which campaigns are working best. We will provide weekly reports showcasing the results obtained through each campaign so you know exactly how much you are spending to acquire each user.

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