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The domination of smartphones across the world has ushered in a new era of digital marketing. However, because smartphones and tablets are progressing and evolving at a profound rate, app developers and marketers really have to keep their finger on the pulse to be ahead of the curve and get their potential audience focused in on their brand. As the digital landscape changes, so must the marketing, which is why we’ve looked ahead to the app marketing trends that are going to be successful in 2018.


Micro Moments

Google has defined ‘micro moments’ as instances in which “people reflexively turn to a mobile device – increasingly a smartphone – to act on the need to learn, do, discover, watch or buy something. They are intent, rich moments where decisions are made and preferences are shaped.” Patience will not be a virtue in 2018; people are used to having their whole lives on demand, and don’t want to wait very long to access the content they want, be it films, music or same-day shipping. Apps that cater for people’s instant needs are going to be in high demand; a large percentage of marketing next year should be geared toward supplying people with an instantaneous service.


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In 2018, app marketing trends are going to focus on enriched user experience and ‘micro moments’.



Video is becoming more and more widespread every day. It’s rare to see an ad not accompanied by a visual; in 2017, videos were adapted to play with subtitles, so that they could catch browsers’ attentions even when muted. Video already plays a crucial role with regards to app marketing trends, and will continue to be critical to a product’s success during 2018. As well as good visuals, a well-rounded app marketing strategy is only optimal if it includes well-produced video, distributed throughout robust social media channels and other platforms. Many other sites, including Facebook and Twitter, are also optimising video delivery on their sites, so a focus on that area of digital marketing will go hand in hand with what the big guns are up to.


Voice Search

As Siri and voice search tools become the most-used methods of finding out information, so Google are adapting their algorithms to fit the trend. As it currently stands, voice search tools comprise around a quarter of all search, but, in line with the integration of micro moments, you can expect that percentage to rise steadily over the coming months and years. Voice search innovation is going to lead to refined answers and search results, and app keywords, a crucial component of any app marketing strategy, is going to have to make the transition. Those with an eye on the future will definitely want to stay in the loop with regards to voice search developments, and how it effects those all important app keyword searches.


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If your app marketing trends don’t lean towards voice search, it might be worth implementing this functionality in 2018.


Location-Based Marketing

This already exists of course, and was a key game changer in 2017; but you can expect it to get more and more specific with each passing month of 2018. Location technology is one of the driving factors in the digital industry, and it’s only a matter of time until it becomes standard integration for app marketing. It’s undoubtedly one of the best tools to connect developers to their users in a personal way, and is a must-have tool for any formidable app marketing arsenal.


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