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The app industry is burgeoning and growing exponentially, but it is also a highly competitive field. There are literally millions of apps available across the variety of digital stores, covering every single facet of life you can think of. Many of these apps find a home, an audience and a customer base, but the majority fail to make much impact at all. If you’ve recently launched an app and are wondering how to improve your visibility among your potential user base, and essentially work out why your app isn’t getting noticed, here are a few key points to consider.

1) You’re Doing The Same Thing Someone Else Already Does Better

Ecclesiastes once said that there are no new ideas under the sun, but ol’ ancient Eccles clearly didn’t reckon with app development. There are plenty of new ideas around the digital sphere, with even newer ones being added every day. Unfortunately, there also knock-offs of new ideas and similar ideas that fall short of being the optimum idea. You can easily assess your competitors with a browse through the App Store; once you’ve checked them out, you can start deciding what you’re going to do differently, and better. Locate the unique selling point of your app, then utilise it to the best of your ability. Even if you’re doing the same thing as someone else, make sure you’re the one doing it the best, and for the least cost.


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If your app isn’t getting noticed, it might be because there are already apps out there doing the same thing but better and cheaper – innovate, innovate, innovate!

2) Your Visuals Aren’t Distinctive Enough

Movie studios will spend thousands of dollars on research when crafting just the right poster. Why? Because they know the poster is the first point of contact for many potential patrons, and that the first point of contact is the biggest asset they have in selling the film. You should take the same approach with your app. The visuals on display can literally make or break the discovery of your app, so make sure you put a lot of thought into the way they come across. You’re looking for an icon that is striking and appealing, and will stand out among the heaps of other apps appearing in the search listings. If you’re putting in screenshots, make sure they’re defining and memorable too, and not at odds with the identity you’re putting across in the app description.


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Think the need for catchy visuals are all in your head? Think again – this may be the reason why your app isn’t getting noticed.

3) Your ASO Plan Isn’t Strong Enough 

App Store Optimisation is one of the key ingredients to app success, and many developers do not put enough time or thought into their strategy. The focal idea is to make sure your target audience can find your app as quickly as possible; the way you implement this strategy is by keywords. The search engine algorithm used in app stores depends entirely on keywords, so you have to know which keywords people are searching for, then adapt your ASO strategy accordingly. There are a number of apps which can help you keep track of your statistics, and always remember that App Store Optimisation is an ongoing process; you don’t simply implement it at the beginning and then forget about it.

Making your app successful is no mean feat, but implementing these basic strategies should help improve your visibility and help make you stand out in a crowded field. Remember: you’ve got to get people’s attention before you can start selling to them!

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